Cats are stressed by toilet training setups. Only a small percentage of people “graduate” their indoor cats from toilet training in less than a year. Most graduated cats (95%) have “accidents” on floors, in bathtubs, and even in sinks throughout their training, and one “accident” can throw a cat’s training back two months. There isn’t a fool-proof training method, but a mock toilet works counter to other methods, cuts the time to train, and can be accomplished accident-free because it’s less stressful.

Ramses, the original Relaxed Cat, uses his Mock Toilet to go #1



In the other methods you’re probably familiar with, plastic litter containers have holes removed which reveal the toilets below. The setup can seem frightening and actually be unstable. Cats soothe their fears by investigating; this isn’t initially possible beyond sticking a paw in the hole and watching litter disappear.

However, the water added to a mock toilet never changes the integrity and stability of the container. The water may be unnerving initially, but it can be smelled, touched, explored, and deemed safe.


In  other methods, it becomes progressively difficult to keep deep litter on the toilet platform. Some people mediate this problem by building litter dams. However, the platforms are usually shallow, so even with a litter dam the cat doesn’t have great digging material, and simply entering the setup will cause litter to fall into the toilet water.

With a mock toilet, the cat has more and deeper litter throughout the process (at least 4 inches). Even with a large water container present, the cat can still dig through several inches of litter. Litter is bait. Litter-love keeps your cat from going on the floor.


In other methods, the setup is constantly changing to reveal the final product: the real toilet.

With a mock toilet, the cat can explore the real toilet and compare it to his/her own setup over and over. After advances in the setup, our cats always compared it to the real toilet. They saw/smelled the waste when it was dumped into the real thing, so they would “bury” it in both places.

Our cats  seemed to realize their mock toilet progressively resembled the real toilet: they were the same size, the same seats, waste went in both, the smell disappeared in both, and the heights and liquids became equivalent.


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