Reader Email: Wet Paw Help

Training Advice

I have recently successfully completed training my cat to use the toilet following your excellent guide!

It took about 6 months all up – and i really understand how much of great feeling it is to accomplish this.
One question i have is that my cat goes down into the bowl after doing his business and this has my wife panicking since his paws would become full of urine and other nasties which he then walks around the house with – so she has banned him from any of the bedrooms!
Is there any way to stop him from doing this behaviour that you may know of?
Our toilet is very similar to the one shown on your website.
Regards, Khaled
Congratulations on training accident-free!
Usually “digging” in the toilet water happens before the cat uses the facility, so wet paws are no big deal if the toilet is kept clean.
However, you can deflect water digging by adding a small amount (2 TBS) of white vinegar to the toilet water after every flush. Cats hate the smell, and after you break kitty of the habit you can stop applying the vinegar. Repeat when necessary, but don’t overuse (the toilet must still be approachable).
Cheers, Relaxed Cat

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