Adding a Second Cat

Your original cat is already trained, and it’s time to bring home Junior. What do you do? First, don’t panic. Your original feline is not going to forget how to use the toilet. So what can you expect?

1. Via observation, Junior will learn to use the toilet faster by watching Senior.

2. Your original cat may want to use Junior’s Mock Toilet (to establish territory and for the love of litter).

If you’re bothered by the trained cat wasting your litter, keep the Mock Toilet lid down when the new cat isn’t using it. This takes more monitoring, but if you’re lucky to have a communicating cat who meows before using the facilities, it isn’t difficult. If your cats are on regular bathroom schedules, it’s also easy. Some people even choose to add motion detector alarms, so they know when their cats are in the bathroom.

If you don’t mind your original cat using the Mock Toilet, you’re in for more cleaning, but your training should still be breezy as Senior teaches Junior how it all goes down!

(Note: A new cat should be introduced into the household slowly over a two week period to avoid territorial urine spraying.)

4 thoughts on “Adding a Second Cat

  1. Hi there. I have a bengal cat who is now approaching 2 years old. We had him from a kitten and he is fully toilet trained. We would love to add a second cat to the household but we are extremely worried that we will ruin the training of “Leo” the original cat and fail in training the “new” cat all together.

    Has anyone else every managed to successfully add a second cat and how did it go? Any advice is greatly welcome!



  2. Graham~
    You can expect the new cat, particularly if it’s a kitten, to succeed faster because your other cat is trained. It’s typical for the original cat to be interested in using the training setup while the baby trains, but the original won’t forget. Ramses, a fully trained Bengal, would use the mock toilet for #2 and the real toilet for #1 while his baby brother was being trained. (Story under Example 1 tab.) Motivations were both territorial and for the love of litter. Yay for your upcoming addition!
    Best, Marian

    • Hi there. I only just realised you have replied to this! Thanks for your response!

      So did you eventually get the new cat fully toilet trained and have no accidents with the original cat? Now that my cat is fully toilet trained, Im scared to let him ever see litter again! lol 🙂

      • It feels nerve-wracking, but it’s actually no big deal. I’ve given litter back a few times (illness, moving, etc), and they’re like “sweet” or “no thanks.” Both kitties have been toilet trained for ages.

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