Vacation Strategies

You’re halfway through training your cat to use the toilet, and it’s time for a family trip to Cancun. What do you do?

1. Fill the mock toilet with deep litter (no water),  even if your cat is traveling with you. Clean as usual. Don’t try to continue training during a period of change. Stress = smelly, yellow carpet.

2. When you return home, replace the water container. All should be well. Continue on!

3. However, if she’s resistant to using the Mock Toilet (crying, scratching on the floor, jumping up and down from the Mock Toilet), don’t wait for an accident. Do a mini re-training by returning to the test tube stage. Move up one stage per day until you’ve progressed to the pre-vacation point.

It’s easy, and you got a great tan. Could life be better?


4 thoughts on “Vacation Strategies

  1. What do you do when you travel and your cat that is finished training? Has he been at the cattery? I have three cats that has finished training, but I don’t want to give them the litterbox back and I’m afraid they will have accidents if I leave them at home alone with only a few visits a day…Any tips?

    • When I travel, I take the mock toilet in its final stage (all water). The cats can use it in the car as well (take plastic baggies for quick cleanup). Another option is to take along the toilet seat they’re used to and replace it on your hotel toilet. Some cats are flexible when they have the same seat.

    • 3 things:
      1. I usually take the cats along when I travel and bring the final stage of the mock toilet to use in the car.
      2. I leave the cats with a neighbor who keeps the mock toilet in their own bathroom.
      3. If I couldn’t do one of the above, and the cats needed to stay home alone, I would give back the litter box. They won’t forget their training, and can be extra stressed to have the family gone. You can do a mini-refresher training-course when you come back over a matter of days.

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