Can I go on vacation during training?

Remember the frenzied way your cat greeted you after your last vacation? “I thought you were dead! -purr- I must be in your lap! -knead-knead- Don’t ever leave me again!” And then the pouting silent-treatment ensued: “You abandoned me. Don’t touch me.”

Your cat missed you. She worried. Everything was all wrong. And stress + change typically = “accidents.” Almost all vacationing toilet-training owners, who try to continue the training while they are gone, come back to accidents that back them up for months, even though they left the house-sitter fabulous instructions and gave the kitty an extra big kiss goodbye.

Consistency and structure make your cat feel secure while transitioning to the loo. If you’ve got a vacation planned, start the training when you get back or give back the litter-only Mock Toilet. Your kitty will love you for it (and so will your carpet).


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