Can I train my cat faster?

We recommend going slow. It’s simply not worth causing her stress. Stress = fecal-floor.  Fecal-floor stinks. You were planning on scooping poop all her life, so what’s a few more months?

Still eager to speed up the process? Watch carefully for the following signs:

1. Complaining. Yelling. Carrying on.  In moderation this is okay. But it should decrease and desist after a few days.

2. Avoiding the toilet. If she’s not going as often, watch carefully. Cats can require emergency vet care if they don’t go the bathroom for several days. Avoid battles of will. If she’s too uncomfortable to use the toilet, you’re going way too fast. Slow down, Bronco.

3. Scratching & squatting in non-toilet areas (sinks, bathtubs, behind the toilet, rugs, towels, beds, etc.) Red flag. Retreat. Back up. Go back to a step she loved, and thank your lucky stars there wasn’t an accident. Accidents can set training back months.

You want training to be enjoyable and rewarding for you and your cat. And it can be. Avoid drive-through training.


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