Maniacal Covering/Scratching

And by maniacal scratching, we mean scratching until the water container is stuffed full of litter? Soggy litter is gross.

Well, that’s normal.

But no worries. There’s no need to waste the litter. Simply remove the water container, drain off the excess water, and dump the wet litter back into the clean litter pile. Rinse out the container. And Replace.  (Hopefully you’re not at the taped-to-the-side test tube stage. But if you are, it won’t last long.) The litter should dry out.

You’ll be Removing, Rinsing, and Replacing throughout the process (cats must scratch–it’s instinctive & soothing), but the amount of wet litter decreases over time, and eventually–with no litter in your house–soggy litter episodes will seem like a small price to pay.

Note: You might be tempted to use less litter, so the cat can scratch around more freely without litter spreading around the room, but Resist The Temptation!! Litter Love will keep your cat’s doo in the loo. And a stress free cat = an accident free home.


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