Multiple Cats

They’re either swatting, wrestling, or hissing. Now you want them to share a toilet?

Okay. There’s cuddle time, too. But handling multiple cats is tricky training.

Tricky, but you can do it!

Tragically, the more cats you have, the more difficult it is to train. Training takes longer because it’s more complex.

But you want to do it anyway, right?

Rule #1: Always move as slowly as the slowest cat. (Otherwise you’ll have potty closet. Yes. That’s when there’s potty in the closet.)

Rule #2: Be on hand to mediate territorial issues. Use treats & praise. (Every cat gets a treat when any cat goes, so they’re all winners.)

Rule #3: Get your cats on the same eating & pooping schedules.  (Active play for 30 minutes after meals.)

A family with this situation needs to be hyper-aware of each cat’s experience.

If you have two or three cats, it’s definitely worth it. For four or more cats, you may need to put in a video monitor and/or stakeout the bathroom.


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